Importance of XML Sitemap Generator in SEO


Before beginning with the topic let’s first understand what a sitemap is? A Sitemap is a list of pages that are contained in a website that is accessible to the website crawlers and users. A Sitemap displays the relationship between the pages and the content of the website depicting the way the website has been organized, how the website can be navigated through and how it is labeled. There are three types of sitemaps that have been identified – Visual Sitemaps, XML Sitemaps and HTML Sitemaps.

Gone are the days when sitemaps were created manually as there was no other option, but today with the help of various tools and software it has become an easy and unchallenging job. Sitemap Generator is a specific type of software that can automatically create a list of pages that are present on the website or an online application. Sitemap generator enables websites of any size to acquire an accurate map of their contents and how each page is related to the other so that work can be performed on the website as and when needed. One of the various tools available – DYNO Mapper – is discussed here.


Sitemap generators can be used by anyone, an individual who wants to examine the functionality of his/her personal website or web designers who need to check critical information before taking on a project.


Sitemap generators are vital from a project management point of view as they provide a pictorial representation of the website enabling the members to see the website as a visual representation. This makes it easier for ideas to be discussed and understanding the problems associated with the project.

SEO or search engine optimization largely relies on sitemap generators to provide updated sitemaps on demand so that the webmaster can make sure that the links within the sitemap are lending themselves to be in the best condition for the best SEO practices. On a search engine, web pages are ranked based on the relevance of their content to specific keywords. Sitemaps allow web pages to be crawled and indexed, allowing for the most relevant and fresh content to be delivered to the SERP(search engine result pages) when the keywords are hit.


DYNO Mapper tool enables its user to choose from the various styles available and chooses the one that best suits their needs.


Google Analytics: Google Analytics Integration allows its users to see the statistics regarding their website such as page views, users, sessions, average page duration, bounce rate, and percentage of new sessions. It will give a full summary of the overall analytics as well as the details of individual pages, and it will show the traffic from any connected social networking sites as well.

Content: Content inventory, audit, and planning are essential for a successful website and are so easy with DYNO Mapper’s sitemap generating tool. It has the ability to keep all of the files in one place, keeping them organized. When a content audit is performed, it checks for broken links, client errors, missing or duplicate metadata, as well as metadata that goes past character limit.

Keywords: With keyword tracking tool, users gain vital insight into how the content is performing with search engines.Users will be able to crawl sites, and DYNO Mapper will retrieve the keywords that have been used in the metadata, and give the user the option of tracking these keywords. Keywords can be tracked in all of the major search engines, and users will be able to view not only their keyword volume but the average cost-per-click as well.

Accessibility: Accessibility Testing ensures that all individuals have equal access to online services. The Accessibility testing tool will access the website’s HTML for problems with its accessibility by testing it against the publisher’s accessibility guidelines.