Invest in Search Engine Optimisation. You won’t regret it.


Here’s why:

How, in a world of 7.6 billion people with almost 3.4 billion active internet users, you as businessman, plan to reach out your target consumers, without sweating too much, to prosper your business? Well, we have an answer for you. Search Engine optimisation (SEO).

Before getting to it’s importance, let us know in brief what SEO is.

Most of us, might not have ever visited the 2nd page of google search results. When a person searches for something he or she desires, any search engine provides an unbiased list of results favouring his needs. The quality of your content, even if it is the best won’t matter if it’s not reaching the audience. Search engine optimisation helps your website to end in that top list of feed by optimising your site with specific keywords that a consumer might be searching for. How will it help your business?

Here are top 5 reasons why SEO is very important for your business:

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AD Networks

It is the era of the internet and blogs have replaced books and magazines. Like writers can earn by writing, blogs can also be monetized. It can be done with the help of ad networks. For a blog to be monetized, the blogger or a publisher has to run a relevant ad in it and for this he/she needs to know the appropriate ad networks which serve these ads and join the network. The ad is to be chosen such that it gives you highest revenue. There are various types of ads served by Ad networks: in-text ads, contextual ads, CPM ads, SPC ads, Banner ads, Pop-under ads, CPA ads, CPS ads, Affiliate networks, CPA Affiliate Networks and Native ads. There’s no particular way in which one can judge which ad will give the highest income. One needs to find that out by trying out running different ads. After all you never know until you try. Still it is always better to know about the best of the best. So here’s a brief idea of some of the best ad networks for publishers:

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From College to Work – Bridging the Gap


As the final year draws to an end, we all have big hopes and aspirations for our professional life. Something that we have been working for all our student life. A chance to make it big and leave our mark on this world. As students, it is only natural that we have absolute faith in our professors and educational institutions to prepare us for the big race. And with that faith, we set out on a journey to find our spot in the real world. This where we come face to face with the fact that maybe, just maybe, our faith was a little naive.

Through a series of interviews, we do land ourselves a job! Our first real job! The sense of accomplishment. Pure joy! We can barely wait for our first day at work. Meeting new people. Being a part of a team. Changing the world with our designs.

Once we settle into our roles as designers, is when the realization hits us in the form of a full-blown wave. Our educational system never prepares us for what’s happening out there in the real world. It never readies us for the actual challenges that we are bound to face. It does not train us to think in a way that is required by our profession. And certainly not at the pace at which the world around us functions.

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Best Social Media Metrics that your Business Should be Tracking


Social Media Metrics or Social Media KPI’s are basically the key aspects that are most important for the growth of your business. These metrics can be considered as the goals and the guidelines that determine how well the campaigns and the strategies are performing. There are dozen number of KPI’s, among all these here is a list of few of them on which one should focus to ensure the proper branding of your business on the social platforms.

#1 Engagement:

Engagement is the most important aspect of measuring performance on a social media platform. It acts as a catalyst for improvement out of the other social media KPI’s. Engagement measures the number of likes, shares, and comments that your social updates receive. Having a large number of reach with low engagement is a bad sign as it shows that the marketing message or the content does not resonate well with the audience. As long as the audience is engaged, no matter how small that audience is, it will grow organically and increase the leads.

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Best Tools to Track YouTube Channel Statistics


Effective video marketing campaigns need to be analyzed in order to determine whether the campaigns are successful or not. There are various metrics based on which these videos are analyzed, based on these metrics there are various tools available to analyze the performance of the channel/videos. Not only are these tools helpful for improving the video campaigns, but also they make client reporting very simple. Brief introduction of few of these tools is as follows.

#1 VidStatsX:

VidStatsX is a video ranking tool that provides top viewed videos for the day, week, month and all – time. VidStatsX has the most exhaustive amount of information available on the site. While many tracking tools show the top 100 YouTube channels, VidStatsX also goes in the ranking of the individual videos. VidStatsX has a dedicated page for top viewed videos for the day, week, month, and all-time. Each video has a rank that points to engagement or likeability.

VidStatsX has a trademarked tool call FutureRank that projects how a channel will perform over the next 7 days all the way up to 90 days.

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Importance of XML Sitemap Generator in SEO


Before beginning with the topic let’s first understand what a sitemap is? A Sitemap is a list of pages that are contained in a website that is accessible to the website crawlers and users. A Sitemap displays the relationship between the pages and the content of the website depicting the way the website has been organized, how the website can be navigated through and how it is labeled. There are three types of sitemaps that have been identified – Visual Sitemaps, XML Sitemaps and HTML Sitemaps.

Gone are the days when sitemaps were created manually as there was no other option, but today with the help of various tools and software it has become an easy and unchallenging job. Sitemap Generator is a specific type of software that can automatically create a list of pages that are present on the website or an online application. Sitemap generator enables websites of any size to acquire an accurate map of their contents and how each page is related to the other so that work can be performed on the website as and when needed. One of the various tools available – DYNO Mapper – is discussed here.

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