AD Networks

It is the era of the internet and blogs have replaced books and magazines. Like writers can earn by writing, blogs can also be monetized. It can be done with the help of ad networks. For a blog to be monetized, the blogger or a publisher has to run a relevant ad in it and for this he/she needs to know the appropriate ad networks which serve these ads and join the network. The ad is to be chosen such that it gives you highest revenue. There are various types of ads served by Ad networks: in-text ads, contextual ads, CPM ads, SPC ads, Banner ads, Pop-under ads, CPA ads, CPS ads, Affiliate networks, CPA Affiliate Networks and Native ads. There’s no particular way in which one can judge which ad will give the highest income. One needs to find that out by trying out running different ads. After all you never know until you try. Still it is always better to know about the best of the best. So here’s a brief idea of some of the best ad networks for publishers:

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