Invest in Search Engine Optimisation. You won’t regret it.


Here’s why:

How, in a world of 7.6 billion people with almost 3.4 billion active internet users, you as businessman, plan to reach out your target consumers, without sweating too much, to prosper your business? Well, we have an answer for you. Search Engine optimisation (SEO).

Before getting to it’s importance, let us know in brief what SEO is.

Most of us, might not have ever visited the 2nd page of google search results. When a person searches for something he or she desires, any search engine provides an unbiased list of results favouring his needs. The quality of your content, even if it is the best won’t matter if it’s not reaching the audience. Search engine optimisation helps your website to end in that top list of feed by optimising your site with specific keywords that a consumer might be searching for. How will it help your business?

Here are top 5 reasons why SEO is very important for your business:

  • Visibility & Credibility : We tend to trust the top results, simply because we think it is the best and to turn a consumer search into a deal, a product should have good credibility. Although credibility and trust in your brand cannot be built overnight, it cannot be done without SEO. The more you optimise your product, the more the chances are of the consumer finding it. And by appearing at the top, you create a sense of credibility in a consumer’s mind.

  • Brand Value and Exposure : Branding is very important to create an image of your product into the subconscious of the consumer. This builds trust on the brand. More recognition of the brand can fetch better leads and will increase the business in return. Good branding leads to exposure of your product increasing the target audience. You can cater any market, decide your target audience based on age group, gender and many other aspects. This all is done by SEO.

  • Cost Effective: Big advertisement hoardings and print media have been a dominant part of marketing strategies for many years. Although, for smaller businesses, it might not be very friendly to their pockets. Digital media is nowhere near of being obsolete and is very cost effective platform to promote and advertise your business and gain leads from it. The return of investment is also very high. For birthday wishes to politicians though, you can still print big billboards and place them at every signals.

  • Selective Targeting: SEO helps you to target audience very specific to your product. The optimisation can be age based, gender based , lifestyle and can even be based on the region they live in. This makes your product more visible to the potential consumers.

  • Assessability: The best way to plan business and marketing strategies is by knowing insights of your consumers. Tools are present to analyse the kind of audience visiting your website, the product they are searching, and prepare a strategy to tackle the needs of your consumers. Results can be measured in terms of clicks, conversion into customers, budgets, success to failure ratio and other things worth knowing to understand where things might be going wrong without wasting a lot of time and resources.

Although SEO is not a seasoned player in the field, it sure is the most efficient, effective one.